Scrappy Creek Provides Superior Tree Service in the Roanoke Area

Laying Down Local Roots

Why Hire a Pro for Your Tree Service?

Whether it’s money, the rise of Youtube or the pride in being self-sufficient, it seems like the DIY movement is stronger than ever. But there’s a reason we specialize as a society. One person can only be an expert in so many things. At Scrappy Creek, we’re licensed and insured experts in tree services. And tree care Is a place where there’s no room for error!


Tree Health

As mighty as your trees are, they have health needs. A healthy tree will show plenty of new leaves or buds, have normal leaf size, and show signs of twig growth.

There are many reasons a tree may be unhealthy: storm damage, drought, disease, and pests can all cause wilting, broken branches, cavities, cracks, and holes in your trunk and limbs.
Cracked or heaving soil or largely exposed roots can signify a dangerous tree on your property.



Tree and Property Safety

There’s no way around it. Tree removal and other tree services are dangerous!


When your trees are tall, you need special equipment to reach the top of them to remove dangerous branches. Simply climbing the tree or balancing a ladder against it is not a safe option!


Tree Removal takes a lot of experience and expertise. Much can go wrong when cutting down or removing a tree. Scrappy Creek understands how to cut down a tree safely without harming your property.


We have the tools and knowledge to ensure your property is never damaged during tree removal and that you and everyone in your home remains safe.

How Can We Help with Your Tree Care Needs?

Tree Removal

The largest chunk of our business is tree removal. We can remove one tree or clear your property as needed. We understand exactly how to remove trees safely without affecting your structures.

Dangerous Limb Removal

Tree Care professionals can tell when a tree limb will be a danger to your property. Certain branches are just a storm away from crashing down onto a car or roof! We remove these limbs as needed.

Stump Removal

Some tree companies leave the stump behind.  Not us! We make sawdust of stumps with our stump grinder.

If left untouched, a stump and roots will start to rot and become a home for pests.
Even if trees are not your problem, call us for your stump removal!


Tree pruning isn’t just for dangerous limbs. It also improves trees' health. We cut off sick, dead, or dangerous limbs to keep your trees healthy and your property safe.

Cutting, Splitting and (Optional) Hauling

Of course, cutting down a tree is only half the work. What do you do with it afterward? We cut and split the wood on your property and if you like, leave it for your use. Otherwise, we haul it away. Someone else always needs fire wood!

Owner Mark and Carabae with their dogs Idgie and Scrappy

About Scrappy Creek

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service.  We strive to create a long-term relationship with our clients based on prompt workmanship, service, and performance.

We offer the highest level of communication, safety, honesty, and professionalism with every tree we climb, fell, trim, cut up, and remove from your property.

Owners Mark and Carabae got the tree service bug when they bought their current home in the mountains. To properly settle in they needed to cut down some trees. They fell in love with the rush of trees falling, the sound of the chainsaw, and working outdoors!

They named their property Scrappy Creek after their first dog Scrappy. Mark, Carabae, Scrappy, and Idgie live at Scrappy Creek currently and named the company for that.

"Our favorite tree is the Oak. It's the biggest, prettiest, has the hardest wood, and is most majestic! There’s plenty of room to climb in the branches."

What Makes Scrappy Creek Tree Service Different?

Qualifications - Tree removal is a dangerous business, so you want to know professional tree care experts you hire are ready for it. We're licensed and insured!


Passion - We do the work we love. Tree climbing can be thrilling! And cutting down a tree and watching it fall exactly where we intended is immensely satisfying. We started Scrappy Creek because we love the work.


Customer Care - We find helping you satisfying. As fun as climbing trees can be the number one draw is toss up between that and satisfying our customers. We keep our prices fair so everyone can afford the help they need.


We’re honest and clear in our communication. We do what we say, and every quote covers the whole job. No surprises!


Local and Family Owned - Mark and Carabae are Roanokers and partners in life and business. They care about the community and love doing their part to keep it beautiful.


No Job Too Large, No Job Too Small - Some companies only want the big jobs. Not us. We know that even smaller trees can be problematic and that customer needs come in all shapes and sizes. We love difficult tree removal, but we’re happy to take on your simpler tree tasks too.

Tim J

They did everything in timely manner! They came to look at our tree one afternoon, but it ended up being such a windy day that it would have been unsafe to work on, so they more than willingly showed back up  the very next day. They were prompt, professional, and they did a great job. We have already recommended them to several people and will continue to do so!

Julie C

They were very efficient, did a wonderful job cleaning up after themselves, and they were very reasonably priced; I couldn’t find anybody to do this work at a better price! I give them 5 Stars!

Dennis W

Scrappy Creek was prompt, professional, and they did everything they said they were going to do! The price was very reasonable as well.

Tree Service in the Roanoke Valley, SML, Botetourt & Beyond

We perform all of our tree service throughout the Roanoke Valley and beyond, including Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Bedford County, Smith Mountain Lake, Franklin County,  Montgomery County. We've even quoted jobs as far away as  Lynchburg.  Let us bring our high-quality tree care to you!